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Follow the adventure of Charles bin Rashid in the 22nd Century as he travels around the world to release the planet from the business grip of the Illuminati Syndicate by using Ascended Knowledge and Crystal Technology to reinstate his destiny as an Architect of Light.


Seen through the eyes of an exciting oriental culture, this book defines a new industry called the Ascension Product which reprocesses people's lives to break the genetic DNA lock put on them against the Truth, so they can understand how living reality works and not be taken advantage of.


Many robot monster races have formed in the Dark Space and time-travelled to enslave humanity, but the Light Mind consciousness techniques can shatter the rich and poor paradox placed by Secret Societies to protect themselves after failing as self-generating beings.


Charles builds positive financial structures from the Core of Creation and renders the oil industry obsolete, then replaces it with positive imagination generators, functioning under the laws of a new light destiny government, in order to develop a thriving soul product economy.


Join a quest for Soul Truth and Light Justice and discover the new Destiny for the planet Earth to become a Mega Holy City with a light civilization that uses new investment strategies for reality manifestation, so people can love living their lives along with their perfect twin soul partners.

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