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Charles Vehadija was born on November 12th, 1985, in Kishinev, Republic of Moldova. Born on a greenhouse estate, from a young age he was introduced by his parents Greg and Liliana to the flower business where he had his own plant sheds to manage, while watching his dad build a house from the ground up.


When he was 10 years old, his family acquired a gas station and he gradually made contact with the oil industry, where he learned about the difficulty of making profit in a developing country and was in shock at the state of corruption of the local establishment. During his teenage years, he volunteered at a caregiving center in the local community, while developing a passion for sports, especially soccer, which he played professionally for a minor league.

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In 2001, his father brought the family to Canada, hoping for more business opportunities and they established themselves in Toronto, starting up a successful truck delivery company. In high school, Charles was a bright student, the teachers’ favorite for most subjects, a chess tournament champion, while tutoring his peers in math and enjoying tennis. During the summers he worked for busy functions at a conference center.


Charles started studying for a Math Degree from the University of Toronto, with minor in Astronomy, when early in the second year he had the realization that all the teaching there happened robotically from what he thought to be the wrong future, with no love or caring for the soul. Feeling trapped, he chose to quit and find another way to live his life.

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In 2006 he saved money to travel the world and picked Edinburgh, as a location to stay and work at the Royal Observatory for a year, while he studied anthropology and realized that the soul history has been erased by the Secret Societies under a giant timeline conspiracy. If there was such a thing as a real soul existence, it seemed that people forgot light and how the living world should function, moreover, they weren’t even interested to remember the trauma.


Returning to Toronto, this led Charles to study in 2007 hypnotherapy to discover past lives for people and understand what went wrong. It was then he remembered he was an Architect of Light, the head of the Soulgroup Tree structure, and connected with the Light Mind as the Consciousness of the New Timeline of freedom for the planet. He realized that everything was energy and his destiny was to teach people about the Truth of Living Creation.

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During the next few years, Charles started his acting career and performed in a few local productions, as well as finished his first play called Art, Thought, Love. He also wrote and performed a series of Shakespeare inspired sonnets and monologues which were presented in artistic circles. To support himself, Charles did a lot of book editing work as a freelancer and in 2010 he also started editing his brother’s book called ‘I Am of Light’.


In 2011, Charles wrote, performed and filmed a poetry DVD called Reflecting Infinity Onto The Human Mind, as well as released a book compilation of his essays entitled The Conscious: Selection Time For Ascension, both released on the spiritual online media platform Essence Voice. The works were supported by local promotional events at literary gatherings and book fairs.

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Realizing the Universe is not a closed system, but has infinite energy from outside, in 2012, Charles moved to Waterloo, Ontario, and released The INYTH Quotebook - A forgotten story of Love and Light, which is a collection of over 220 art pieces, setting up the first crystal anchor through time to the Higher-Self Exit Timeline Success. It was an invitation for people to remember their place in Creation and connect to the Architects of Light Philosophy. A series of Art Galleries and Ascension Courses were held to present the work which was well received by the local spiritual community.


In 2014, Charles and his soul brother John worked on designing the Vehadija Architect Arch Operating System functioning with Light Omniverse Crystal Table Circuits of parallel timeline downloads, putting the basis for the Ascension Product Template created with a new light soul science of consciousness. This new crystal technology works with the INYTH 48DNA Society Crystal Blueprint and the Vehadija Avatar Anchoring Genewheel.

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At the beginning of 2016, Charles moved to Montreal and made contact with the Jomacabi Core of Creation Consciousness and started writing the One Million Dollar Soul book explaining the concept of the Ascension Product to the world based on his parallel future life. Understanding that people have been stolen on self-destructive timelines through negative profit opportunities, Charles also designed the Josemina Light Mind Equation which can take people on a life rewriting program similar to an energetic teleportation to anchor them to their light destinies.


Over the next few years while doing successful online coaching sessions, Charles travelled the world to set-up a new Light Crystal Grid and aligned the planet to open energetic gates to download necessary components needed for the crystallization of the 1MDS Book to be supported by the reality field. A book compilation of poetry has been released called The Navigator: Poems of Consciousness, along with an original music album called Sunrise of Hearts. Charles also created video content for the Pometrea YouTube Channel.

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In 2019, after a lot of hard work and many threats, Charles officially defeated the Illuminati Syndicate and made contact with the Light Federation under the Architect Seal, who guaranteed the publishing of the book, so on October 4th, the ‘One Million Dollar Soul’ is released, sealing the Exit Timestream Ascension Tunnel with Positive Soul Business Code for Light Product Success.


The future looks bright because a new company Josemina Inc. is soon to open its first store with 1MDS Crystal Technology, as well as organize Keynote Presentations about the Ascension Process and Avatar Updates, with the future goal of building a real University of Light, where young people can learn a new soul science with eternal energetic laws that can predict caring outcomes for living reality manifestation.


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