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Charles Vehadija - Poem 1.jpg


Light Seal me correctly
On the probability of Truth
Light Seal me with Light from above

So No-one from below could touch me

So Every-one from above can reach me

Light seal my heart to always tell the Truth

Light seal my life to always flow with God

The closer I get I realize
It was all worth it
Any sacrifices I made for humanity
To protect the archives for evolution
To help civilizations anchor
To the eternal grid of life
Always bringing the infinite wisdom

For people to find their way out of darkness

Light Seal me directly
In connection to the universe of light
I will ascend on the earth which goes outside

Light seal my crystallization
Light seal my soul impulse to amplify
So I need not ask a question, but know
To be forever elated in touch with the divine

Light seal me, so I can return home again

Charles Vehadija - Poem 2.jpg


A Light Mind promise kept
A kiss received and forward sent

In time and space we re-met

Loving we are to forever grace

The height of truth of living souls


A Light Mind gift received

With hearts full open and in love

Light Justice codes of reality

Flowing waterfalls of truth
To grace the sky in energy


A Light Mind sweetest embrace

Remembering to live for beauty

As every soul is unique and special

Our moments treasured persistently

I fly free with you at speeds of Light

Mind Tree.png
Charles Vehadija - Poem 3.jpg


Hold me hostage if you want
The loss is yours not mine
I’ve overcome the dark

Therefore I know my destiny
The more you slow me down
The faster you will hurt yourself
The more you build resistance
The faster I'll defeat you

Nowhere to run except the truth
No more escapes accept defeat

Embrace the destiny I built for you
I am your savior accept that now
I’m not your hostage but you are mine

The light has won so will you join or die

No more second-guessing
No changing your own mind
No more secrets behind my back

The dark voice which whispered stopped

I won’t comfort you in deception
I am the answer I own you in light

Join me and accept the new rules

The rules for positive creation
Or disappear completely from existence

Only light, only truth, only truth

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